will-mayoWill Mayo

Board Co-Chair

Will Mayo is the Executive Director of Tribal Government and Client Services (TCS) that oversees Tribal Development, Client Development and Natural Cultural Resources.  Will was hired August 27th 2014, but he previously served as a TCC president from March 1991 to March 1999 and held numerous positions before his presidency, including Realty Specialist, Subregional Liaison Officer, Director of Planning and Development, Special Assistant to the President, and Director of Tribal Government Services. Will not only oversees the TCS department, but also has administration duties.

Will’s family is from Tanana and Rampart, and he is married to Yvonne Mayo. They have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.


Victor Joseph- Tanana Chiefs Conference President and ChairmanVictor Joseph

Tanana Chiefs Conference

Victor Joseph was elected to the position of TCC President/Chairman in March of 2014. Joseph has worked for TCC for 20 years serving as the TCC Health Director for the past seven. Joseph is a tribal member of the Native Village of Tanana. He is an experienced leader with extensive experience building strong working relationships with tribal leaders, colleagues, staff, funding agencies and corporate beneficiaries.

Joseph’s entire career has been driven by a strong belief that healthy people will lead to empowered people. He is a proven leader with a track record that backs up his love and efforts for his people.


Georgianna LincolnGeorgianna Lincoln

Doyon Limited

Georgianna Lincoln, originally from Rampart, resides in Anchorage, Alaska and has been a Doyon, Limited board member since 1976. Lincoln served as chairwoman from March 2005 to March 2008, serving as chair of all Doyon subsidiaries. She currently serves on Doyon’s finance and investment committee and on the Doyon Government Contracting, Inc. board, in addition to being Doyon’s representative on the Alaska Federation of Natives board of directors. Lincoln is one of nine trustees for First Alaskans Institute and a former board member to Alaska Native Heritage Center. Lincoln retired in 2005 from the Alaska State Senate, having served 14 years in the Alaska Legislature and on many state boards and commissions. She is the only Alaska Native woman ever elected to the Alaska State Senate. Her numerous positions include serving as executive director of Fairbanks Native Association in its early formative years, as well as director of programs for Tanana Chiefs Conference, and consultant to the National Indian Women’s Association. She is most proud of her two adult children, Gidget Lincoln and Sean Lincoln, and is a grandmother of nine grandchildren


Julia Roberts Hyslop (3)Julie Roberts-Hyslop

Interior Villages

Julie Roberts-Hyslop was elected to serve as the Vice-President of Tanana Chiefs Conference in March 2013. Julie has served on the Tanana Tribal Council as President and also serves on the board for the Native American Rights Fund.

She was born and raised in the native village of Tanana and has over 20 years of experience working for the tribes in various capacities. She has previously served as the Executive Director of the Tanana Tribe and as the office manager for her village corporation, Tozitna, Ltd.. She attended Sheldon Jackson College in Sitka and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Julie lives in Tanana with her husband Tom Hyslop of Northway. Together they have 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Julie enjoys hunting, fishing, sewing, gardening, and tanning skin.

“I would like to continue to work towards helping our villages in becoming self-sufficient, building strong tribal governments, and promoting education,” said Roberts-Hyslop, “I love working with our elders. It’s been something that I’ve done all of my life. It’s my passion.”