AFN Media Policy


Jeff Silverman
(907) 263-1304

Ben Mallott


1. Plenary session and Quyana cultural performances: b-roll only — No video or audio recording of complete programs.
2. No interviews inside the main convention hall (where we conduct the plenary session and Quyana), or entrance and egress areas.
3. Be aware that the proceedings are broadcast live on television. Please do not block our camera angles.
4. No press, photographers or videographers are permitted on the stage or directly in front of the stage at any time during Convention or Quyana Alaska, as this blocks the view of our Elders in the front row.
5. No setting up an interview area, backdrop, signage, etc. .
6. Please be respectful to our delegates and especially our Elders.
Please do not disrupt their participation in the Convention and Quyana.
7. AFN does not endorse or support, tacitly or otherwise, any media program or product resulting from your work at the Convention.
8. You may not use AFN¹s logo or any other logos and graphic material associated with the Convention or the organization.
9. Absolutely no distribution of materials — flyers, promo postcards, videos, etc. -inside.