Dena‘ina Center Parking

Validated ( free ) Parking for AFN Attendees October 23rd through the 25th:

Easy Park

Click here to view a map that shows the Dena’ina Center and the proximity of the EasyPark

Instructions: At the garage, pull a ticket, present it to the Anchorage Convention & Visitor’s Bureau’s Booth located on the first floor of the Dena’ina Convention Center for “validation” for FREE PARKING!

Linny Pacillo Parking Garage

The parking garage is located between E & F Streets on 7th Avenue (NE of the Dena’ina Center).
Please follow these instructions for using the garage:

  • Enter the garage from the E Street (East) side
  • Stop at the gate and take a ticket
  • Keep the ticket with you or in the vehicle; you will need it when exiting

When you are finished at the Convention and driving out of the Parking Garage:

  • Give the ticket to the security guard when exiting, and inform him that you were at the AFN. All of the security guards have been instructed to open the gate for AFN visitors, and there is no charge for parking.