2014 Leadership Retreat on Subsistence

The AFN Leadership Retreat on Subsistence will be held on February 3, 2014 at the Anchorage Marriott Downtown from 8am-4pm with a working lunch and breakfast beginning at 7am.

The purpose of this retreat will be to:

  • Provide the best available information the current political and legal challenges to our subsistence way of life and to present such information in ways, which represent the diversity of interests within the Native community and empower Native people to act.
  • Provide an opportunity to express positions, and opinions on the subsistence issue; present and future impacts on the well being of our people; and on effective strategies for protecting our long-term interests.
  • Generate creative ideas on how the Alaska Native community can deal effectively with the political system and the apathy in the general public on an issue so important to us.
  • Develop a better network of communication within the Native community, within the state and nationally.
  • Generate commitments of leadership time and resources for our collective efforts: educational, legal, political and grassroots strategies.

Click here to download a draft working agenda for this retreat.

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