2013 Convention Media Alert: Co-Chair Nominees, New Policy Announced

AFN Convention Update

Four Nominees for the Position of AFN Co-Chair Announced

FAIRBANKS, AK – Four members of the AFN board of directors have been nominated for the position of co-chair:

  • Ralph Andersen – Current AFN Co-Chair and CEO, Bristol Bay Native Association
  • Ana Hoffman – CEO, Bethel Native Corporation
  • Ed Thomas – President, Central Council of the Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska
  • Tara Sweeney – Senior Vice President of External Affairs, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation

AFN is in the process of moving to staggered terms for Co-Chairs, which  means that beginning next year only one Co-Chair will be elected each year  to serve a two-year term. This year:

  • All candidates will appear on one ballot.
  • Members vote for two candidates.
  • The two candidates with the most votes will be elected Co-Chairs.

The candidate with the most votes will serve a 2-year term.  The candidate with the second most votes will serve a 1-year term.

Candidates will speak at 8:40am on Friday, October 25th before the Convention floor.

The election of co-chairs will take place Saturday, October 26th at 8:45am at the Carlson Center.

Learn more about the new election process at here.

This year’s AFN Convention is taking place from Thursday, October 24th through Saturday, October 26th at the Carlson Center in Fairbanks, Alaska. More event details and a LIVE webcast of the event are available at:  www.nativefederation.org/annual-convention

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The Alaska Federation of Natives was formed in October 1966, when more than 400 Alaska Natives representing 17 Native organizations gathered for a three-day conference to address Alaska Native aboriginal land rights. It is now the largest statewide Native organization in Alaska. Its membership includes 178 villages (both federally-recognized tribes and village corporations), 13 regional Native corporations and 12 regional nonprofit and tribal consortiums that contract and run federal and state programs. AFN is governed by a 37-member Board, which is elected by its membership at the annual convention held each October. The mission of AFN is to enhance and promote the cultural, economic and political voice of the entire Alaska Native community. Learn more at www.nativefederation.org.