Subsistence Defense Fund – Text to Give!

Subsistence Defense Fund $5 Instructions

Subsistence is the foundation of all Alaska Native cultures. It is the mainstay of food security in rural Alaska. It is under attack and we must work together to protect it. This fight needs funding.

It will take hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve our goals. We need your help. Together, we must use new tools and explore new tactics to raise enough funds and support to win this fight. We will need engagement both within Alaska and outside the state. Never before have the stakes been so high.

We launched the 2014 Subsistence Defense Fund at our February 3rd Leadership Retreat on Subsistence, raising more than $39,000. We invite every Alaskan, Native and non-Native alike, to support subsistence by giving $5 or more via text today!*

Consider hosting subsistence text fundraisers at your annual meetings, cultural and other events asking everyone to contribute $5 in defense of our rights. We’ll do all the work, you just ask for texts! We will track all donations in real-time online and by region. We can even give member groups their own keyword so they can track donations and compare their fundraising with that of other regions!

Click here to see how much we have raised and who has contributed to the Fund… and send an email to if you’d like help planning your own fundraising event.

Qagaasakung, Quyana, Igamsiqanaghhalek, Quyanaq, Haw’aa, Way dankoo, Gunalcheesh, Awa’ahdah, Tsin’aen, Dogedinh, Mahsi , Baasee’, Maasee’, Chin’an, Tsin’ee, Quyanaa

Subsistence Defense Fund*Alaska Federation of Natives is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. Donations are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.