AFN Announces Honoring Our Children Day

March 5, 2014

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AFN Announces Honoring Our Children Day


Anchorage, AK – The Alaska Federation of Natives’ (AFN) announces April 26th as Honoring Our Children Day.  AFN and its members issue this statewide invitation for collaborative, community action to celebrate and share our collective love, respect, and belief in the importance of our children. “This is the right time and we are the right people to get up and stand up for our kids,” Melanie Bahnke, President of Kawerak.

Honoring Our Children Day is an Alaska Native led, grassroots initiative where all in our communities are welcome to participate so long as children are at the center.  The goal of this statewide effort is to bring Alaskans together so we raise strong, culturally connected, empowered, and loved children.  “Our Ancestors created and perpetuated important ceremonies and celebrations for our children – something we are excited to practice with all Alaskans on April 26th,” said Liz Medicine Crow, President of First Alaskans Institute.

Honoring Our Children Day is not a fundraiser, it is not affiliated with any political campaign, and is non-partisan. Communities will seek donations for facility use, food, goodies to give away, and opportunities for sponsorship.  Funders are encouraged to voluntarily step forward to support community events.  For more information please contact the Statewide Coordinator:  First Alaskans Institute, 907-677-1700 or by emailing .

“This event is about sharing our knowledge and expectations with our children and their importance to our communities,” AFN President Julie Kitka.


The Alaska Federation of Natives was formed in October 1966, when more than 400 Alaska Natives representing 17 Native organizations gathered for a three-day conference to address Alaska Native aboriginal land rights. It is now the largest statewide Native organization in Alaska. Its membership includes 178 villages (both federally-recognized tribes and village corporations), 13 regional Native corporations and 12 regional nonprofit and tribal consortia that contract and run federal and state programs. AFN is governed by a 37-member Board, which is elected by its membership at the annual convention held each October. The mission of AFN is to enhance and promote the cultural, economic and political voice of the entire Alaska Native community. Learn more at


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