Community and Regional Affairs Committee to hold hearing on Indian Law and Order Commission Report

Anchorage, AK – At the request of the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN), the House Committee on Community and Regional Affairs (CRA), Co-Chairs, Rep. LeDoux and Rep. Nageak, will convene the first of two hearings to receive testimony from stakeholders on the findings and recommendations of the Indian Law and Order Commission (ILOC) report, “A Roadmap for Making Native America Safer.” (Report).  The House CRA Committee hearing will take place in the State Capitol building in Barnes room 124 on March 11, 2014 8-10 am.

The ILOC states, “The public safety issues in Alaska—and the law and policy at the root of those problems—beg to be addressed. These are no longer just Alaska’s issues; they are national issues.” An entire chapter of the Report is dedicated to reforming justice in Alaska, which receives special attention due to its vastness, Nativeness, and continued exemption from national policy changes.

“It is important that the State of Alaska examine the dire situation in rural Alaska and not leave this issue up to the federal government alone,” Julie Kitka, President of AFN.

The hearing will allow stakeholders and service delivery providers to educate the legislature and public on the realities of access to justice and law enforcement in rural areas. A second hearing, tentatively scheduled for April 8th, will allow stakeholders and participants to bring forward solutions and discuss next steps in improving public safety for all Alaskans.

Presenters for the hearing include:

  • Aurora Lehr, Vice President, Alaska Federation of Natives
  • Troy Eid, Chairman, Indian Law & Order Commission
  • Holly Handler, Attorney, Alaska Legal Services
  • James Creasey Sr., 1st Sgt. VPSO and Field Training Officer
  • Carla Akelokok, VPSO Program Manager, Bristol Bay Native Association
  • James Hoelscher,  1st Sgt. VPSO and Field Training Officer – Hooper Bay
  • Shannon Nanalook-Johnson, Social Worker, Iliamna

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