AFN calls for an increase to the Base Student Allocation

Anchorage, AK – The Alaska Federation of Natives passed a resolution yesterday requesting the Alaska State Legislature to increase the base student allocation (BSA) for fiscal years 2015–2017.

“When we fail to adequately fund our schools, we actively impair our children’s ability to succeed,” said AFN Co-Chair Ana Hoffman.

AFN supports an increase to the BSA of $400 in FY 2015 and $125 in each FY 2016 and 2017 to replace educational funds that have been lost to inflation since the Legislature last increased the BSA in calendar year 2011.  This will ensure a stable and predictable source of funding for our schools before the BSA will have be to reexamined in 2018.

The BSA is the basis for how state funding is distributed for students and staffing and should be increased every year for inflation, but has instead been held constant since 2011.  Many schools statewide have already lost teaching positions, and will have to eliminate more teaching positions next year if the BSA is not increased.

“AFN is grateful for the strong support of many Alaskans to improve educational opportunities for all Alaskan children.  We can have no better use of state resources than to invest in our childrens’ future. We urge the Alaska State Legislature to take quick action before the session is over,” said Julie Kitka, AFN President.

AFN encourages our members and the Alaska Native community to contact members of the Senate Finance Committee before the end of session, April 19, to support an increased BSA in order to ensure the success of young Alaskans.  Member information is available at