AFN Applauds the State for Passing Criminal Justice Reform



AFN would like to express its sincere gratitude to the members of the Alaska State Senate and House for passing Senate Bill 91, to Governor Bill Walker for signing it into law, and especially to all those in the public and private sector who worked so hard to make criminal justice reform a reality in Alaska.

AFN President Julie Kitka said, “With this legislation Alaska is modernizing its criminal justice system, paving the way toward improving our state’s dismal record of inmate return to prison, diverting non-violent drug offenders toward treatment and prevention efforts, putting research into action to curb the epidemic of alcohol and drug abuse, and easing the overburdened prison system.”

SB 91 is about getting the most public safety out of the dollars Alaska spends.  The changes made by this bill will help close the budget gap and free up funds for reinvestment into victims’ services and prisoner reentry support, while increasing public safety and holding offenders accountable.

The delegates to the 2015 AFN Convention marked criminal justice reform as a priority for the organization.

AFN would like to acknowledge the hard work of the Alaska Criminal Justice Commission in creating practical, data-driven and research-based recommendations that led directly to this legislation.