2017 AFN Convention Safety Message from the AFN Board and Convention Committee

Dear AFN Delegates and Convention Participants:

As you prepare to attend the 51st annual AFN Convention, the AFN Board of Directors Convention Committee would like you to be aware of several security-related developments.  Our number one priority is your safety.  AFN staff has been working closely with the Dena’ina Center staff, the Anchorage Police and Fire Departments, and other municipal departments to create a safe environment for AFN delegates and participants.

The following items are prohibited from the Dena’ina Center:

  • Explosives
  • Alcohol, narcotics and drug paraphernalia
  • Noise makers
  • Signs larger than 8 ½” x 14”
  • Large objects such as those used for demonstrations*

* Native Artists will use a separate entrance to load in for the Arts Fair

Metal Detectors

Like big facilities everywhere, the Dena’ina Center (DCCC) has installed metal detectors at the three 1st floor lobby entrances.  Backpacks, large purses and bags including AFN delegate bags will be inspected.  There could be lines at certain parts of the day.  The following measures will be taken to speed up the process.

  • Elders and people with disabilities are encouraged to arrive early.  The building opens at 7 am.
  • A priority line for Elders and people with disabilities will be established at each entrance.
  • Delegates wearing Convention wristbands can bypass the metal detectors. (See below.)
  • Of the three entrances, the middle entrance, located in the middle of the block on 7th Avenue, has an awning that will protect people standing in line from rain and snow.



AFN delegates will receive a Convention wristband when they register and pick up their delegate bag.  Those wearing a wristband will be able to bypass the metal detectors.

We ask for your patience and cooperation in observing these safety measures.

Thank you and have a great convention!

— AFN Convention Committee