Jason Bourdukofsky Sr.

Aleut Villages

Since 1989 Jason Bourdukofsky has served as a Director and Vice Chair of Tanadgusix Corporation (TDX). He has also served in several management positions within its subsidiaries, such as: International Inn, St. Paul Fuel, TDX Power, North Slope Generating, Sand Point Generating, Sand Point Services, Alaska-Portland and Alaska-Seattle Hotel Investments.

He is a board member of the City of St. Paul Council, the National Non-Stockpile Chemical Weapons Forum, the Pribilof Restoration Advisory, and the AFN. He was an original member of the board of The Aleut Corporation and incorporator of the City of St. Paul. He has three daughters, Constance Bourdukofsky Berga, Tara Bourdukofsky, Binni Bourdukofsky, and 2 sons, Jason Jr. and Benedict Boudukofsky.