AFN has launched its Navigator Project to help Alaska Natives navigate the myriad federal and state agencies and departments distributing funds and providing services. AFN is rapidly onboarding federal policy and program experts and analysts to help tribes, regional and village for-profit Native corporations, regional Native not-for-profit organizations and tribal consortia, and individual beneficiaries learn and take  advantage of tribal provisions in the several once-in-a-lifetime federal spending bills. 

“Last week the White House Domestic Policy Council recognized the challenges of the flood of different programs and requirements and invited AFN to identify 15-20 difficult challenges, the related department and agency, and key senior federal officials,” said  Julie Kitka, AFN President. “The White House will use the information AFN provides to organize short webinars for the delegates at the 2021 AFN Convention. This extra help  is appreciated, as our Navigator Project works side by side with the Administration and  the State of Alaska.”The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services in late June directed $2.5 million in state CARES Act funds to AFN for the establishment of the program.