Press Credentials and Access

Press Contact:

Jeff Silverman
(907) 263-1304

Press Credentials

Please complete the form below to register for press access at the 2019 AFN Convention. Use the comments section below to let us know if you are interested in learning more about specific aspects of the AFN Convention or specific issues that will be addressed at this year’s event.

Credentials will be available for pickup at the Carlson Center beginning Wednesday October 16th, and during Convention hours Thursday through Saturday.

  • Please let us know if there are specific issues you would like to learn more about at this year's Convention.
  • Guidelines for Reporters and Camera Crews

    Please read the following guidelines and indicate your agreement below.
  • AFN is a private, non-profit organization. AFN Convention plenary sessions are free and open to the public. On rare occasions AFN will close its meeting to all who are not AFN delegates, including the press.

    Media lanyard and sign in

    We ask all members of the press to pick up credentials and lanyard at the AFN Information table. The media lanyard permits access to the plenary session on the arena floor, Quyana Alaska evening cultural performances (these are ticketed events also taking place at the Carlson Center) and the Arts Showcase. Press packets with the convention agenda, guides and other information will be available. The AFN App is also available, which will have agenda updates.

    AFN Logo

    Use of the AFN logo without AFN’s expressed permission is prohibited. Please pass the word on to your editors.

    AFN live TV broadcast and webcast

    AFN produces its own broadcast coverage. Use of the footage, webcast archive or any AFN-owned content without AFN’s expressed permission is prohibited.

    Guidelines for reporting/photographing/filming at AFN Convention

    1. No interviews in the audience area or stage area of the arena floor during the plenary session. Be aware that the proceedings are broadcast live on television. Please do not block our cameras.
    2. No press, photographers or videographers are permitted on the stage or access stairs at any time during Convention or Quyana Alaska cultural performances.
    3. Videographers/TV crews wishing to tape more than b-roll must set up on the platform at the rear of the seating area. This will be strictly enforced.
    4. There will be an audio breakout box. Absolutely no microphones on the podium or anywhere on the stage.
    5. No setting up an exclusive interview area, backdrop, table, signage, etc. in the Carlson Center or outside on the grounds and parking area. No production vans or other vehicles may be parked near the building without permission from AFN.
    6. To protect the intellectual property and cultural rights of the dance groups in Quyana cultural performances, TV crews and filmmakers are permitted to shoot b-roll only – No video or audio recording of complete programs.
    7. Please be respectful to our delegates and especially our Elders. Please do not block their view of the stage or disrupt their participation in the Convention and Quyana.
    8. AFN does not endorse or support, tacitly or otherwise, any media program or product resulting from your work at the Convention.
    9. Use of AFN’s logo or any other logos and graphic material associated with the Convention or the organization is strictly prohibited.
    10. Absolutely no distribution of materials – for example: flyers, promotional materials, videos, political material, etc. – inside the CarlsonCenter.
    11. Absolutely no formal livestreaming inside the Carlson Center without permission from AFN.

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