Delegates to the AFN Convention are allocated on a population formula of one representative per twenty-five Native residents in the area and delegate participation rates at the annual convention typically exceed 95 percent. Delegates should turn in their registration forms as soon as possible, but since the Convention is all virtual, delegates can register any time before or during the Convention until 10 a.m. of the final day, October 16.

Membership & Convention Dues

To request a copy of your dues invoice, please contact Toan Nguyen at or 907-274-3611.

To sponsor membership for another member (i.e. pay their dues), you will need to complete the Sponsored Membership Form. Click here to download the Sponsored Membership Form.

To submit your completed form or for questions about your dues, votes, or delegates, please contact Toan Nguyen at or 907-274-3611.

Official Delegate Packet

Click here for the updated 2021 AFN Delegate Packet with registration forms, resolutions form, and other information.

Delegate Registration Form

Click here to download the 2021 Convention Delegate Registration Form

Delegates are asked to complete the form and either email it to or print it out and mail it to:
Alaska Federation of Natives
3000 A Street, Suite 210
Anchorage, AK 99503

2021 Resolutions

Due to the current case and hospitalization trends of the COVID-19 pandemic, the AFN Board of Directors made the difficult decision to convene the 2021 Annual AFN Convention virtually. And due to the technical challenges associated with a virtual Convention, the same 2020 virtual resolution process will be used for 2021.

2021 Resolution Process:

The aspects of a virtual convention make it very difficult to ensure that every delegate has an equal opportunity to participate or offer amendments to resolutions due to limited broadband and connectivity in rural communities. As such, consideration of resolution will start after the 2021 Annual AFN Convention through a series of meetings, in which delegates have multiple opportunities to amend and comment on the draft 2021 resolutions. Final approval of the 2021 resolutions will be done by the AFN Board of Directors at its February 2022 meeting. The deadline for the 2021 resolutions has been extended to November 12, 2021

Below is the step-by-step outline of the 2021 virtual resolutions process: 

Step 1: Members submit resolutions for consideration by the 2021 Resolutions deadline (November 12, 2021).

Step 2: AFN Resolution Committee meets for an initial review. Draft 2021 Resolutions will be shared with AFN’s membership prior to the 2021 Virtual Annual AFN Convention.

Step 3: AFN Resolution Committee develops a 2021 Virtual Annual Convention Report on the draft resolution, committee recommendations, and next steps. The report will be presented at the 2021 Virtual Annual AFN Convention on
December 14, 2021

Step 4: AFN will host a series of meetings for delegates to submit amendments and comments on the 2021 draft resolutions. An updated copy of draft 2021 resolutions and a report of action taken will be shared with delegates after each meeting. The meeting schedule will be announced before the 2021 Annual AFN Convention.  

Step 5: AFN Board of Directors will approve the 2021 resolutions at its February 2022 meeting. 

How to submit comments and amendments to the 2021 resolutions:

Delegates can submit amendments on the draft 2021 Resolutions by emailing or by sending a fax with amendment language and questions to (907) 276-7989. Please include the following in your message:

  • Contact informationAFN member organization
  • State what resolution(s) you are addressing
  • Your recommended amendment language or question

Click HERE to download the draft 2021 AFN resolutions. 

Please email if you have any additional questions.

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